Vehicles are the ultimate mobile billboard, making your branding work for you 24/7. At Inyanga, we have branded trucks, cars, buses and even bikes and can demonstrate how cost-effective this tool is in expanding your brand. With the right signage, your vehicles can turn into eye-catching marketing campaigns.

Contravision or one-way vision branding on windows transforms glass surfaces by displaying graphics and messaging on one side only. The digitally printed vinyl graphics on contra Vision have tiny perforations that ensure the driver and passengers can see through the design from the inside – they are up to 50% see -through..

If you really want your vehicle to stand out, consider vehicle wrapping. Full wraps incorporate all vehicle surfaces, excluding the roof. Half wraps cover about half of all the surfaces and partial wraps cover just selected sections of the vehicle. Cut out logos are machine cut vinyl graphics for vehicles and also include digitally printed vinyl materials. All of these options are available for a variety of vehicle types and sizes as well as digitally printed momomeric, polymeric and cast vinyl materials. We offer all variations of vehicle wraps, car decals, removable magnets and fleet branding-
Whether you have a commercial fleet that you want branded or you just want to brand one vehicle, you should see vehicles as outdoor moving media. Talk to us to find the solution that best meets your needs.


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